Google’ seo tools for keywords research and suggestion

If the content is the king, the keyword is his queen, and today we are going to talk about Google’ seo tools for keywords research.

Table of Content

  • Seo tools for keywords research: How to find…;
  • Keyword Planner Google;
  • Search Console;
  • Google Suggest ;
  • Google Trends;
  • Google Advanced Search.

Seo tools for keywords research: How to find…

The Presence on Google’ SERP means people can reach you. Therefore if you have, or you are working on, a website, the keyword implementation is not optional. It is mandatory.

Mandatory, but not really easy.

The web content is a world dominated by the competition and to be a part of it you need to be creative, talented, and unique; nevertheless it’s not enough.

The use of keywords is the SEO basis and can make your website more visible on Google’s SERP, but how to start keywords research? 

I suggest you to start from Google’ Seo tools for keywords research which can help you to build your content and to stand out.

Keyword Planner Google

Google Keyword planner

Versatile and useful, the Keyword planner is one of the most famous Google’ seo tools for keywords research and has multiple functions:

  • You can find search volume for single keywords or groups of keywords;
  • You can get new ideas and suggestions for your keywords;
  • You can also estimate future traffic for potential keywords;
  • You can be aware of keyword competition.
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For every keyword or group, choose your language, country, on the basis of your business, and get information about keywords or new keywords generation.

Search Console

Search Console is the essential seo tools. I suggest you to use Search Console also for keywords research because give you information on:

  • how people are finding your website;
  • what keywords they used;
  • CTR (clic through rate);
  • your ranking position for a specific keyword.
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But more importantly, you can get information about pages people visited in your website and keywords they searched.

Google Suggest 

Google suggest

Google Suggest is one of the simplest Google’ seo tools for keywords research. When you start writing a keyword, Google suggest you new keywords or long tail keywords.

How can you use Google suggest for keyword research? I propose you the 2 best options, in my opinion:

  • Typing a keyword, you can read users “questions”. You can exploit keywords used by users for creating your content;

  • You can also check the search volume of keywords. Then, select keywords combination with medium – low volume and use these keywords for your website or blog.

Google Trends

Powerful tool, Google Trends is one of the best Google’ seo tools for keywords research.

You can set up your search:

  • by Country;
  • by category;
  • by year, and even by season.

What can you do with Google Trends? You can test the popularity of some keyword and compare your keyword with other keywords.

In addition to this, Google Trends gives you the opportunity to find out about trending searches and discover which words are frequently searched, where and for how long.

Google Advanced Search

Google Advanced Search

Google advanced is one of the easiest Google’ seo tools for keywords research, but often underestimated.

What kind of information does it offer? Essentially many details about other websites, potential competitors, inspiring companies.

You can choose, or exclude, some keyword, and filter the search by language, country, time and also for websites which use multimedia content.


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