Content strategy for beginners

Content strategyFollow these tips for beginners, to set up a content  strategy and improve your results.

Remember, no strategy, no results.

What is a content strategy?

When we talk about strategy, we are talking about a process. A content strategy is the process to convert people through online tactics (Seo, blog, etc).

A strategy is not a choice, is the only way to define goals and to do the best for getting them.

Through a plan, you can also monitor your improvements and optimize your strategy, if you notice mistakes.

Where to start

The ultimate purpose of content strategy is to improve your brand awareness.

In this prospective, your first approach should aim to define:

  • who you are;
  • what makes you special;
  • what can make stand out your content from others.

If you know where to start, you can know where to go.

Search and Analysis

Define your target.

Who you want to reach?

Segment your audience for gender, age, education and think about their habits, their needs.

This is very important to understand  how to engage them.

See what the others do.

My suggestion is do what the others do, but try to do better.

Set goals

What do you want to get?

Your objectives have to be concrete and achievable.

Decide at least short-term and middle-term objectives.

When you set up your objectives, be realistic.

Monitor results

You have just completed your last step, created your strategy and started to boost your content.

Even if you don’t see results at the beginning, don’t worry and monitor them.

Last, but not least

Once you know how to build your content , it is important:

  • Do not to assume that recent success or fallen means that your strategy is great or wrong,
  • Do not to have hurry. A content strategy needs always time to give results;
  • Do not to focus only on results. You risk to forget why you love writing.

My last piece of advice is:

Test everything and, if you realize that you are not reaching your goals, don’t change your goals, change your strategy.