8 Seo mistakes to avoid

seo mistakesIf you have a blog, you will surely be interested in knowing what are the SEO mistakes to avoid in order not to incur penalties from Google, especially since new releases were published in 2020.

A short checklist of SEO mistakes to avoid.

Google only loves you when everyone else loves you first. – Wendy Piersall

1. Speed

Too heavy images can affect the speed of your Blog. My suggestion is to check the speed on Gtmetrix and, just in case, to optimize the images before uploading them.

2. Internal and external links

Broken links lead to pages with 404 error and are not appreciated at all by Google. Screaming Frog, for example, allow you to easily avoid or correct these SEO mistakes.

Pay attention also to the use of external links: also avoid using them in excess and towards websites that do not have a good reputation.

3. Mobile

Any platform for blogging is already optimized for mobile by default, but the human touch must also play its part.

No paragraphs, No bullets, No bolds make reading difficult and is considered one of the most recurring and annoying SEO mistakes;

4. Keyword repetition

Always using the same keywords or similar keywords, even on different Blog post, is not a good choice. Google is able to intercept synonyms and could penalize some content, considering them almost a copy of the other. Readers don’t like it and Google doesn’t like it.

5. Keyword Stuffing

We have already talked about it several times, but it is good to repeat it: writing the same keyword 100 times in a content, is not a good idea. 20 years ago maybe it was considered the most effective method, but today naturalness in writing is the only method that survives even the changes of algorithm.

6. Tag e Meta Tag

For a good SEO recipe it is important that all elements of a page are optimized (I talked about SEO Optimization here). My piece of advise: if you have Yoast, to manage SEO in an effective way, ignore it! Do not aim to get the green light, because often character limits suggested by Yoast (eg. character limit of meta title, character limit of meta description tag) are not the same loved by Google.

7. Duplicate content

Be careful not to copy text from one content to another, even when you think you are not seen, Big G watches you;).

8. Analyze

Finally, I suggest you periodically monitor the Search Console for any SEO mistakes, unexpected or sudden issues, in order to fix them promptly.